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:iconrizuii: is holding a competition here, good luck if you go for it :)…
AT: With okwashere by TheWalshinator
AT: With okwashere
Took up an Art Trade to get some practise drawing characters in Manga style and was assigned this character. I was told to make her as creepy as possible, which is right up my alley haha.
Character belongs to :iconokwashere:

General information

Name: Daniel Walsh

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

- Standard/Base Form: 5'6''
- Juggernaut Form: 18'4''
- Hypersonic Form: 5'2''
- Stealth Form: 1'5''
- God Form: 7'8''

- Standard/Base Form: 97.2kg
- Juggernaut Form: 305.6kg
- Hypersonic Form: 78.9kg
- Stealth Form: 83.7kg
- God Form: 134.5kg

Race/Species: Android


The Walshinator was formerly a man named Daniel Walsh, known for his expertise in machines and computers. He created the 4554551N Drones, as well as many other machines for war and personal use. However, one fateful day changed everything for him.
He had plans for a very powerful machine that would hopefully turn the tides of battle against the armies of shadow, and the Shadow King himself found out about these plans. He then called down the rage of his armies on the bunker that Daniel had been hiding out in to study on machines and computers. He learned of this attack before it hit, with enough time to evacuate the 4554551N Drones and many other machines except for one: the one tasked with getting him out safely.
As the armies of shadow poured in, the 4554551N Drone that was guarding him fell, and the armies swarmed him. Afterwards, he was badly mutilated, yet somehow alive. But things were about to take a turn for the worse, or for the better, depending on how you look at it.
The Shadow King entered the base and, seeing that Daniel was still alive, forced him to reveal the password to the plans for the ultimate fighting machine. He then called together his minions to build the machine, using Daniel's internal organs for the more intricate functions. He then fashioned a Dark core Crystal to give life to the Death Machine, and to infuse it with the powers of darkness. However, what the Shadow King had not counted on was The Walshinator not being his slave as he thought he would be. He had given him control over darkness, but had not thought that Daniel's willpower would still be driving it.
Daniel saw this opportunity, but bided his time, playing along as his enemy proceeded to train him to use the power. When he thought the time was right, The Walshinator abandoned him using his power to move through time and space to go to a different universe completely.
He sought help, but received none due to his appearance. He acquired more skills in combat and various battle forms as he travelled between dimensions until he lost track as to which dimension was his home, since none of the inhabitants welcomed him.
He then found his way back to Earth, in the dimension that he had originated. He then tracked down the Shadow King at the hidden Black Fortress, as the Crystal fused to his chest had a pull that led him right to it. The Shadow King hadn't anticipated an attack, but noticed that The Walshinator had still not learned of the full potential of his power, and used it against him. Daniel faced bitter defeat, and the Shadow King decided to make Daniel suffer for his treachery, locking him away in a cell where his binds sapped his energy. Seeing that his work was done, the Shadow King left The Walshinator, knowing he could never escape under his own power. It would take someone else to free him, which wasn't likely to happen, but the enemy took extra precautions by rigging the secret chambers with mind-blasting puzzles and traps for the unwary.

Centuries later, Aryn and her team found the secret chambers and managed to get past the traps, but at the cost of some of the Resistance members accompanying them.
As Aryn was the only one to get through the last trap, leaving the others behind to turn back and hope she got out alive, she came to the prison and saw The Walshinator in the same position he had been in for hundreds of years: bent over in a kneeling, with his arms held up by the bounds and his head down.
As Aryn approached Daniel, believing him to be nothing but a hollow shell, despite the armour not even bearing a scuff, she reached out to take a closer look. However, Daniel's mechanical body flared to life at the new arrival. In fright, Aryn actually considered killing him, but instead looked into the eyes of The Walshinator, and saw that he had lost hope long ago.
Aryn took pity on him, and cut the binds, setting The Walshinator free from his prison, which started a change in his character. His energy returned to him and eager to get out, Daniel quickly teleported away without even thanking Aryn, since he knew he was at a disadvantage if she tried to finish him.
He returned later to see Aryn and her team struggling against the armies of shadow, and Daniel's humanity had returned in order to save them all by wiping out a decent number of the forces, causing the Shadow King to pull them back.
The Walshinator then issued a challenge to Aryn; if she could demonstrate enough strength, then he would join her team. However, if Aryn didn't satisfy him in the battle, then he would destroy the Earth to keep the Shadow King from conquering it.
Aryn demonstrated both the resolve and potential that Daniel was looking for in the battle, and so he kept true to his word. He joined the team in combatting the forces of darkness from that day forward.


The Walshinator is usually cool and collected, and demonstrates wisdom. If you are on his good side, he will fight to keep you safe, and will never betray you.
However, the thing keeping him alive; the Crystal, while not rendering him a slave to the shadows, has the effect of amplifying his anger; so get on his bad side and all bets are off.


Arm Cannons: Usually hidden under the stocks of his forearms in favour of hands, The Walshinator's arm cannons can be adjusted to shoot a pin point beam of dark energy or a wide wave of it.

Darksabers: The Walshinator's weapon of choice, his sabers don't have much power by themselves. In fact, on their own the emitted beams are indeed white and have trouble cutting through anything stronger than steel. What gives them their appearance and power (and ultimately their name) is actually the result of The Walshinator channeling his energy through them. This isn't to say that they are useless, since they not only provide a means for a user to focus their energy; they also amplify it so that the user can do more damage than they usually could without expending too much energy sustaining the sabers. The user can put as much or as little of their own energy into the sabers as they see fit, since there is no limit to how much energy the sabers can take (however, raising the energy input too quickly can cause them to malfunction).


Dark Energy: The Walshinator's power source is in the dark core crystal in his chest. His design allows him to harness this power and apply it in a large variety of ways, including powering his sabers to make them darksabers, blasting opponents, boosting speed, damage output and/or durability, or simply darkening the area. He can also draw on dark energy from around him and absorb it or manipulate it. He can also compress dark energy into solid mass to create weapons, defences and shadow creatures under his control.

The Walshinator has the ability to change his body between many different forms to give himself an advantage in battle. Each form comes with its own strengths and weaknesses as his dark energy is focused in different areas in each form. The following are the main forms he uses.
- Standard/Base Form: In the majority of situations, his base form is the most ideal since it is the most balanced in strength, agility and durability.
- Juggernaut Form: His juggernaut form has far more strength and a fair bit of durability compared to his other forms, but he is a lot slower in this form and a big target, so he only uses it to combat large opponents that take more strength to damage.
- Hypersonic Form: His hypersonic form gives him the ability to move at Mach 10 speed, and even faster in short bursts in battle. However, his durability goes down, meaning he has to avoid taking any hits that can damage his base form.
- Stealth Form: His stealth form is tiny, but quite fast (and when he closes into a ball, near-indestructible at the cost of mobility) . However, his damage output is mediocre compared to his other forms and when he's outside of his ball he's very vulnerable. However, because of his size in this state he can be very hard to detect since he can camouflage to blend in with his surroundings.
- God Form: His god form is his most powerful state, more than sufficient to level mountains and obliterate the Earth. He is near-indestructible, being only vulnerable to other beings of equivalent or greater status. However, he cannot hold this form for too long as it has the effect of making him more aggressive and likely to expend excessive energy attempting to defeat an enemy, which leaves him in a vulnerable state.

Form Copying: If The Walshinator can seize a sample of an opponent's energy, whether through direct contact with the opponent or through contact with the opponent's expended energy, he can use that to change into a form similar to the opponent and rise to or surpass their level of power. However, his maximum level of power must be within 90% of their maximum power or he will face risks based on the margin by which they are more powerful. These risks include being put into a weakened state after a temporary spike in power, losing consciousness or being destroyed from the inside. Even if he is within 90% of the opponent's level of power, there is no guarantee that the power boost will last very long, and he will need to use it sparingly until he can gain proper control of it.

Interdimensional Travel: The Walshinator can not only travel to anywhere in the known universe, if he puts enough energy into it he can also travel to other universes and alternate timelines; past, present and future. However, it takes a lot of his concentration and energy to pull this off, and it also takes a while for him to recuperate from it. None of his actions in any given reality affect another, so even if he went into the past or future of a universe another reality would be created independent of the one he came from.
The Walshinator Character bio
The Walshinator, as he will be depicted in the series King of Shadows.
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:iconrizuii: is holding a competition here, good luck if you go for it :)…


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Daniel Walsh

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